The Chartbook of the 2021 In Gold We Trust report has just been released

Each year in autumn, Ximen Mining Corp. partners Incrementum AG publish the In Gold We Trust chartbook.

Ximen Mining Corp. is pleased to share the annual report and its accompanying chartbook, containing a compendium of some of the most compelling charts of the In Gold We Trust report 2021.

Get the 2021 IGWT Chartbook

Some of the topics of the new chartbook include:

  • The Monetary Climate Change and the Move from “The Great Moderation” to “The Great Recklessness” – Moving from an era of monetary dominance to a new era of fiscal dominance.
  • The Tipping Point Ahead and an Overview of Current Inflationary Forces – Higher inflation rates are not transitory and real interest rates will remain negative for years to come.
  • The Status Quo of Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks – Mining stocks will have the most profitable year in history in 2021.
  • The Outlook for Gold and Commodities – Gold price 2030: USD 4,800; 2022 new all-time highs possible and a new commodity cycle in the making?


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