Amelia Gold Mine Project


Ximen Mining Corp. has signed an agreement to acquire certain Crown-granted mineral properties covering the historic Cariboo-Amelia gold mine in Camp McKinney near Baldy Mountain Resort in Southern British Columbia. This acquisition will add to Ximen’s significant property holdings in the region.

The Cariboo-Amelia was British Columbia’s first dividend-paying lode gold mine and was the most significant producer from Camp McKinney. Over its intermittent 68-year mine life from 1894 to 1962, the Cariboo-Amelia produced 124,452 tonnes ore, of which 112,254 tonnes are reported as milled on site. Recovery included 81,602 ounces of gold, 32,439 ounces of silver, 113,302 pounds of lead and 198,140 pounds of zinc (lead and zinc since 1940). The average recovered gold grade was 24.68 grams per tonne gold (from BC Minfile).

The acquisition includes the original Cariboo-Amelia Crown-granted claims: Molson (lot 2526s), Paragon (lot 2530s), Burley No. 1 (lot 2531s), Edward VII (lot 3499), Wonder Y (lot 2536s) Last Chance (lot 751), Fontenoy (lot 752), Emma (lot 270), Alice (lot 271), Cariboo (lot 272), Amelia (lot 273), Okanagan (lot 274), Maple Leaf (lot 613), and Sawtooth (lot 952), and Wiarton (lot 856) (082ESW217). The properties Maple Leaf and Wiarton also include the surface rights as originally granted. Total area is 199.46 hectares.

Drilling Details

Historic Drilling

The Cariboo-Amelia Mine Camp saw drilling intermittently from approximately 1934 to 1987.

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