Environmental, social and governance issues

“A greener economy cannot exist without mining. It is our responsibility as a mining exploration and development company, to implement green solutions and technology in all our operations whenever feasible. We believe we are being part of the solution contributing to the survival of our industry and our planet.”

Christopher R Anderson,
President and CEO of Ximen Mining Corp.


Environmental, social and governance issues

Ximen Mining is committed to being the leader in sustainable mining and responsible development in British Columbia. Our goal is to maintain a small environmental footprint as we move our mining and exploration projects forward.

We endeavour to build strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders, work with high ethical standards and actively contribute to advances related to the environment and sustainable development.


At Ximen, the environment is at the core of all our decisions as we explore and develop our properties. Our approach is to mitigate our impact on the environment and strive to be more sustainable.

Our goal with our Kenville Project is to develop a clean, green sustainable underground high-grade gold mine with a small environmental footprint.


Water is a vital resource for sustainable development. As part of our plan to care for the water resources and protect the ecosystems on our Kenville property, we engaged Masse Environmental Consultants. Masse conducted a one-year property-wide water baseline study, an updated water baseline study and a full suite of water samples. Our Kenville mine discharge water is clean enough to drink.

Studies are underway to harness the power from the run-off water of the mine portal to generate our own power from turbines that will light low voltage and long-life LED lighting in our mine.

Clean Water Ximen
Mr. Christopher Anderson CEO Ximen Drinking Water directly from the existing portal.


At Ximen, we recognize the link between energy use and our carbon footprint. One of our first objectives with our Kenville Project was to eliminate diesel and fossil fuel emissions.

Our primary power source is electricity supplied from the Kootenay hydroelectric generation system. We installed our own transformers, compressors and powerlines on our property that connect to the local grid.

In an effort to further reduce our carbon emissions, 99% of our underground and development equipment is pneumatic, powered by an air compressor drawing electricity generated from the Kootenay river. Remaining equipment is new high efficiency diesel.

Plans are also underway to install solar power on site.


At Ximen, it is our mission to engage openly with the local communities, government, and stakeholders to build and maintain trust-based relationships.


As part of our initiative to support the economic growth of the Nelson, BC we are creating local, well-paying jobs in the community. We also offer on-site housing for our mining staff while they work if necessary.


Safety is paramount for Ximen. We are designing, operating, and maintaining a safe and healthy workspace. We have implemented a COVID-19 protocol in accordance with the provincial and federal guidelines to ensure that we are keeping our employees and the community safe.


Ximen considers itself a part of the communities we work in. As such, we regularly maintain an excellent relationship with all stakeholders by holding local town hall meetings regularly, contacting relevant groups during the permitting process even though we own the surface and underground rights of our Kenville project.


At Ximen, we focus on governance in all aspects of our operations. We strive to communicate with our stakeholders openly and transparently. As we move ahead with our operations at our Kenville Gold Mine, we are committed to implementing ESG reporting.

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