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Ximen Mining Corp (XIM.v) is a public exploration company that has recently entered into an option agreement to acquire the Kenville Mine near Nelson, BC Canada. The previous Kenville Mine workings have an estimated 360,000+ troy ounces of gold based upon a historical National Instrument 43-­‐101.
Past drill programs give evidence the extension of the high‐grade vein structures to substantially higher quantities of Gold on the adjacent claims. Ximen is confident with over half the property unexplored, that the current trend likely extends throughout the area. Ximen’s mission is to exploit the high-grade vein structures with current technology, and become a high-grade producing gold mine while concurrently exploring the limits of the reserve. The estimated life expectancy of the mine is 20 + years.

~560 hectares

The Property

The Kenville Mine (formerly Granite-Poorman Mine) property consists of 17 Crown‐granted mineral claims located 7 kilometres west of the town of Nelson in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia’s south-eastern interior.  All of the Kenville Mine claims are wholly owned. The property is accessible by road from Nelson and numerous forestry and exploration trails within the property.

The project area is located on the eastern margin of Quesnellia, a super‐terrane considered to be an amalgamation of several Jurassic island-arcs. The area is dominated by Jurassic mafic volcanic rocks subject to polyphase deformation intruded by pre‐, syn­ and post-tectonic plutons. The area is well known for its long mining history and diversity of mineral deposits types, making the Nelson area an attractive district for mineral exploration. The variety of geological settings underlying the property is host to several deposit style targets including volcanic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits, alkalic copper-gold porphyry, polymetallic intrusion related veins, shear‐hosted gold and tungsten skarn.

Brief History

The original past-producing Kenville Mine is classified as a gold‐quartz vein deposit and consists of 5 (“Beelzebub”, “Granite”, “Greenhorn”, “Poorman” & “Hardscrabble”) north‐northwest trending veins hosted in variably sheared mafic intrusive rocks of the surrounding plutonic complex. The veins comprise milky to glassy quartz with pyrite and chalcopyrite as the dominant sulphides. Minor amounts of galena, sphalerite, scheelite, and visible gold occur within the veins and disseminated pyrite in the host rocks.

Exploration on the property has been documented since the late 1800’s. The Kenville Mine has reportedly produced 65,236 oz gold, and 27,686 oz silver intermittently between 1889 and 1956. During that time exploration was focused on identifying high‐grade gold and polymetallic vein systems, resulting in the discovery of numerous veins amenable to small‐scale mining. Continued exploration of the property has been on-going since 1992.

The diamond drill exploration program summarized herein was conducted beginning late 2009 through March 2012 on the property. 9,375.53 metres over 18 diamond drill holes were drilled primarily to test the southern extension of high‐grade veins from the past‐producing Kenville Mine. 4 holes were drilled to test for additional parallel vein sets west of the old Kenville Mine workings.  The final hole from the most recent drilling was to test a possible new mineralization trend.

Drilling Details

Selected Significant Assays

Hole From (m) To (m) Interval (m) Au g/t
KE09-­‐10 456.15 457.97 1.82 29.5
includes 456.15 457.03 0.88 14.4
and 457.03 457.97 0.94 43.6
KE10-­‐16 263.50 264.00 0.50 111.50
KE10-­‐16 361.86 362.74 0.88 88.10
KE10-­‐17 372.16 372.62 0.46 59.80
KE10-­‐19 426.05 426.50 0.45 84.50
KE10-­‐20 499.20 499.89 0.69 34.80
KE11-­‐21 616.05 616.36 0.31 30.50
KE11-­‐22 363.21 363.68 0.47 70.80
KE11-­‐22 430.62 431.13 0.51 142.00
KE11-­‐23 355.79 356.73 0.94 12.36
KE11-­‐24 407.41 408.43 1.02 12.83
includes 407.74 407.92 0.18 71.60
KE12-­‐01 217.03 218.05 1.02 32.93
includes 217.03 217.74 0.71 41.80
KE12-­‐01 371.68 374.76 3.08 14.14
includes 372.80 373.62 0.82 49.30

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