May 8, 2019

Press Release

Ximen Provides Update on Acquisition of Kenville Gold Mine

Vancouver, B.C., May 8, 2019 – Ximen Mining Corp. (TSX-V: XIM, “Ximen” or the “Company”) announces that, further to its news releases of April 8, 2019 and May 2, 2019, it has entered into five new arm’s length agreements to acquire an additional 10,919,461 common shares (“Target Shares”) of 0995237 B.C. Ltd., a private B.C. company (“0995237”). In consideration for these 10,919,461 additional Target Shares the Company proposes to issue a total of 642,828 Ximen common shares at a deemed issue price of $0.70 per share.

Together with previously announced agreements to acquire 0995237 common shares (please refer to the press releases dated April 8, 2019 and May 2, 2019), these additional agreements bring the total number of Target Shares proposed to be acquired by the Company to 43,261,811 Target Shares, or approximately 80 % of 0995237. The total number of Ximen common shares to be issued in exchange for the 43,261,811 Target Shares is 3,528,769 (or approximately 10.62% of the total issued and outstanding Ximen common shares), at an average issue price of $0.74 per share (the “Consideration Shares”). The principal asset of 0995237 is its option to acquire the Kenville Gold Mine, located west of Nelson, B.C.

The acquisition of the Target Shares remains subject to TSX Venture Exchange acceptance. The Consideration Shares will be subject to a customary 4-month, plus one day, hold period running from the date on which they are issued. The acquisition the Target Shares is expected to complete by May 30, 2019.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Christopher R. Anderson,
President, CEO and Director
604 488-3900

Investor Relations: Sophy Cesar, 604-488-3900,

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